Frey Festival

The ultimate in chocolate tasting! Chocolat Frey has a presence in various branches of Migros and gives on-site demonstrations of how fine chocolate truffles are made. You can try the freshly made truffles, of course.

Immerse yourself in a world of chocolate and be amazed by the art of the chocolatier!

A range of further promotions will be available during events in the Migros branches listed.


Location Town Event Date
PIZOLPARK MELS Frey Festival 12.12. - 14.12.2019
PARADIES ALLSCHWIL Frey Festival 12.12. - 14.12.2019
LACHEN LACHEN Frey Festival 12.12. - 14.12.2019
LANGENDORF LANGENDORF Chocolate fountain 12.12. - 15.12.2019
DREISPITZ BASEL Frey Festival 19.12. - 22.12.2019
WYNECENTER BUCHS Frey Festival 19.12. - 24.12.2019
GLATTZENTRUM WALLISELLEN Chocolate fountain 19.12. - 24.12.2019
AIRPORT ZÜRICH Chocolate fountain 24.12. - 29.12.2019