Sustainability at a glance

Sustainability report 2017

Acting responsibly, procuring raw materials sustainably and protecting the environment are values we live and breathe at Chocolat Frey AG. We want our business activities to generate added value for people and nature, and to achieve this have set ourselves ambitious targets for 2020, along with pioneering visions by 2040. We operate a sustainability management system that is certified according to ISO standard 14001. This ensures that the goals of our sustainability strategy are consistently implemented and we can continue to develop successfully and sustainably.

The sustainability strategy of Chocolat Frey AG is largely based on the principles of M-Industry and the Migros Group.
The foundation of our sustainability strategy is the three-pillar model comprising environmental, social and economic aspects. We accept our responsibility in every area along the supply chain, from cultivation, the procurement of raw materials and production in the company, all the way to consumption and recycling.

In order to press ahead with the company’s sustainable development, we have defined ten areas for action in all three aspects of sustainability. Ambitious goals for 2020 and pioneering visions by 2040 point the way ahead for us. The ongoing commitment of our staff and the support of our business partners ensure achievement of our goals and highlight existing challenges.

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In order to achieve our sustainability targets by 20201, Chocolat Frey has set itself annual milestones. Clear responsibilities and action plans support active implementation of objectives in the company’s various divisions.
Achievement of targets is monitored at least twice per year. Our monitoring process – involving the senior management team – ensures that weaknesses are identified, actions defined and successes acknowledged.

The following table contains information on achievement of our targets in 2017:



Der Referenzwert für die Ziele 2020 ist in der Regel der Wert des Jahres 2011.

Chocolat Frey has been operating an ISO 14001-certified sustainability management system since 2008. This guarantees that our sustainability strategy objectives are implemented consistently and that the company continually improves its sustainability performance.

Chocolate Frey’s sustainability management system ensures that:

  • statutory requirements and binding commitments concerning the environment are met
  • environmental risks are minimised
  • our environmental performance is continually improved.

Our sustainability management system is based on environmental risk analysis. This is an essential tool for identifying, assessing and preventing environmental events and minimising harmful impacts on the environment. The environmental risk analysis is regularly reviewed to ensure it is complete and up-to-date, and adapted where necessary.

Embedded in the company

Sustainability management can only make an impact if our employees are actually invested in it. It is therefore extremely important that responsibility for its implementation is firmly embedded in the company.

Chocolat Frey’s sustainability team is headed up by a Sustainability Officer, who has ultimate responsibility for sustainability and ensures it is embedded within the management team. Formal implementation of the objectives and their content is ensured by the Sustainability Manager, the sustainability team and the various people responsible for these objectives in Packaging Development, Strategic Purchasing, Marketing & Sales, Technology & Facility Management, and SCM. Lastly, the Sustainability Management Coordinator is responsible for implementing the sustainability management system according to ISO 14001, for example coordinating internal and external audits, managing process documentation and assisting Controlling.


The Sustainability Manager and the Sustainability Management System Coordinator are part of M-Industry’s Sustainability Steering Committee.
The Steering Committee is responsible for implementing and further developing strategy on a Group level. At least twice a year, the head of the Steering Committee reports to the M-Industry Group Management Committee on progress being made towards achieving our objectives. Regular monitoring plays an important role in order for these objectives to be achieved by 2020, allowing any weaknesses to be identified promptly and corrective action taken at Group level.

  • Environment

    Chocolat Frey AG is continually seeking out new ways to optimise our use of resources, such as energy and water, and at the same time reduce the production of emissions such as greenhouse gases. By having defined targets and measures, Chocolat Frey intends to ensure the long-term preservation of viable ecosystems.

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  • Industry

    Chocolat Frey AG fosters targeted growth with sustainable products. Efficient use of raw materials and the complete recycling of allmaterials used help avoid unnecessary waste of resources and close environmental cycles.

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  • Company

    Chocolat Frey AG is committed to equitable working conditions and fair pay, supports training and education, and is committed to the health and safety of employees at work. Chocolat Frey strives to maintain long-term partnerships with local producers, in the process taking people and nature into consideration.

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